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Beating the Odds Now

Discover the power of teaching to the Heart, the Hands and that Head (in that order) so that the natural drive for learning in every student exceeds your expectations. In this book, you’ll see how to harness the passions and affinities of your students; model Nature’s clear goals, rhythms and creativity; and implement projects that empower students by having an impact on their community.


Inner Landscapes

85 Third grade students from Hamilton Elementary School in Novato, California will brighten your heart as you see their paintings on wooden cut-outs and read their “I Am” poems.  The book is a model of project-based learning and demonstrates that every student matters. Instructions to create your own “Inner Landscapes” are included.


The Singing Trees – A Growing Forest

A Book of Stories, Curriculums and Instructions – Sharing Values through Art. This book is designed to get students to get excited when they see the art of other kids. It tells the story of the first five Singing Trees – the Seedling and Pioneer Forest. It will show you how to grow your own Singing Tree or join with one that is already started. It will leave you with the possibility of a Climax Forest of Singing Trees, filled with birds that help to bring unity between people. For teachers, there are curriculum tie-ins for the classroom in geography, civics, life sciences, math and English. Take the ideas here and run!

The Singing Tree Project – Empowering Youth Through Creative Collaboration

20 full color pages of 22 Singing Trees made around the world.

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