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Collaboration Innovation

What are the issues that cause suffering in your community? What needs healed? This is where the genius of youth is needed most.  This is where they can have the greatest impact.

Every academic subject can be studied, mastered and meaningful when students partner with the adults to transform heartbreak. You may have noticed we have an abundance of heartbreak.

The root of Innovation is the real imperative to come up with new solutions to problems that matter. Let’s ask our children to do only important work. They have hope, energy and hope to contribute. They long for purpose and impact.

I give five simple steps to Collaborate – aligning the hearts and minds of your entire school to Innovate for your community.

Here are Examples:

  • Conflict Resolution Training integrated into three murals created by all students at Rappahannock County High School, exhibited at the U.S. Senate and UNICEF headquarters
  • 5th graders in inner city Pittsburgh, PA, creating artwork called “The Wheel of Feeling” shared with Allegheny County Jail Inmates, who wrote the students back
  • 3rd graders in rural Virginia sending medical supplies to a children’s hospital in Moscow

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