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Focusing on Dreams instead of on What’s Wrong


“Talking about your POSITIVE goals and dreams activates your executive brain that OPENS you up to new possibilities.  Change the conversation to what you should do to FIX me, it closes me down.”         Judith Glaser, Conversational Intelligence

I invite you to share your dreams of the kind of community, country and world we want to live in.  I invite you tell your dreams to family and friends and focus on helping each other reach those dreams.  Here are the dreams of 28 children from Lauren Hinkmann’s 5th grade class at Lu Sutton Elementary School in Novato, California.  They dream of being doctors; midwives; basketball, football, soccer and baseball players; biologists; robot builders; dancers; an EMT; Inspiration World Tour Leader; Wildlife Protectors; Poet; Singer; Policeman; Olympic gymnast, Emotional Comforter and Forest Protector.   That sounds like a rich and functional community, doesn’t it?  Helping each other reach our dreams continues to make our country great.

My dream is for schools to devote their time to listening, exploring and manifesting dreams of the children, teachers and families of the school community.  What is your dream?


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