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The Blood Dragon Singing Tree to Prevent Extinction

“A Child Shall Lead Them”

Between Earth Day, the March for Science and the March for the Environment, the importance of Mother Earth and the vast array of life here is at the top of many people’s lists, including mine. It’s at the top of the list of 7 year-old Paige Prince, daughter of my former Rappahannock County High School Art student, Lisa Prince.  Paige is the youngest leader of a Singing Tree collaborative mural, inspired by her passion to prevent extinction.  She chose the Blood Dragon Tree of Yemen whose blood red sap has healing properties. How did she know that this is just the tree to hold the animals who are endangered?


In Feb. 0f 2017 at Hearthstone School in Sperryville, Virginia, 30 people gathered from ages 4 to 70 to add their animals to the painting. Something interesting happened as the collaborative mural unfolded – the children began to make babies for the adult animals.  How logical that preventing extinction means that children flourish! Turtle children. Black Bear children. Elephant children. Jaguar children. Whale children. Deer children. Flamingo children.

Let’s partner the genius of youth to prevent extinction of precious animals, plants and human children. I recommend you share the book “Drawdown”, edited by Paul Hawken, with someone of the younger generation and pick one of over 100 effective actions that can help reduce CO2, learn about it and support it.

We can do this, people, for the Seven Generations.

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