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Work with Laurie


“Thank you for all you are do. Go forth and conquer.”
Daniel Pink


I facilitate workshops on one of the key elements of Trust – Having a shared vision of success. I invite you to increase the trust within your school, community or enterprise. Make big, glorious images of what you want to have happen, learning practical communication skills in the process, and speed your way to your goals.

We didn’t realize that all five different departments had the same mission of preserving water until we did this project.”
-Marion Hansson, Curator, BIA Collection                   

“Laurie facilitated the creation of a beautiful collaborative work of art that documented the feelings, aspirations, and reflections of those in attendance at the “Education Under Fire” Conference at UT Austin.  This artifact… helped everyone SEE what we imagined together.”
– Andrew Costigan, Graduate Student

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Powerful imagery and inspiring stories – tailored to my audience – are central to my keynotes.


“A picture isn’t worth a thousand words. It’s worth a million.”
-The Dalai Lama

Some of my most popular topics are:

“Using the Neurobiology of Trust to Ignite Learning and Performance”

“Moving from the Industrial Model to the Ecological Model of Education”

“Creativity is the Healthy High”

“Peace Building Through Art”

“Harnessing the Genius of Youth to Heal the World”

“People move in the direction of the images they create.” 
-George Hoffecker


I also offer Image-making, Interactive Talks

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I offer individual coaching and group training to shift the educational paradigm from the Industrial model, where students are treated as standardized cogs forced to fit into a machine, to the Ecological model, where every person’s unique gifts are developed to make the whole ecosystem thrive. My goal is for creative problem solving, constant real world assessment, collaboration and communication to solve real problems of the 21st century. Those problems are the curriculum and these processes promote the love of learning that is every child’s birthright.

Students from Urabamba, Peru add to the Gingko Singing Tree of Appreciation

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